Well-known YouTubers @Mommyof3xo @TheBoyeFamilyJewels Kindly Recommend Our Anti-dust Masks To U

Eachbuyer has been increasingly popular due to its high-quality and comfortable masks, good customer service, fast delivery, and the great value of product options. We thank you all so much for your support and like. 

Recently, Eachbuyer has been noticed by some famous YouTube KOLs who are paying attention to virus situation and concern about their family’s health. Among them, YouTube influencers @Mommyof3xo and @TheBoyeFamilyJewels gave us the greatest support. 

On March 20, influencer @Mommyof3xo made a warm video, in which she recommends our KF94 face masks adults’ size and kids’ size for her fans. The Korean face mask is really soft, comfortable and professional with a safety certificate, many of our customers said that. She thought that it is worthwhile to be suggested to more people who need it.

More detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D3aKEHw5W4&t=122s

With the worldwide situation of the pandemic gets worse, an increasing number of people are facing the lack of high-quality protective face masks. And many people, especially in the US, need to increase their attention when cases appear in their near communities.

On April 9, well-known YouTuber @TheBoyeFamilyJewels also released a high-traffic video, in which she, as a good mother, prepared masks for her kids. Her families all took our Kf94 masks when they were hanging out. We can see that the KF94 face mask for kid’s size is really matching to kids’ face of any ages so that it can give them the best security protection during the virus pandemic.

More details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lIbYbDRzLM 

A lot of people misunderstand the effect of protective face masks, they thought that just sick guys need to wear a mask to prevent the spread of viruses and bacterias. Actually, during the virus pandemic, we do not really know who gets sick when we are outdoor. So every person hanging out needs to wear a protective mask. The protective face masks with multi-layer filters can not only prevent the spread of the virus from those sick people but also protect ourselves.

We hope more people can watch the videos and increase attention, protect yourselves and families to avoid tragedy during the pandemic.