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We provide the best-quality KF94 masks for adults and kids, protecting you and your families against viruses, bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen and smoke. 

What’s KF94 mask?

KF94 mask is same as N95 mask, which is a kind of medical-grade filter mask to prevent SARS/MERS and other epidemics. As standard professional mask, KF94 mask has four-later anti-static filter structure, blocking effectively 94% of fine suspended particles and dust in the air. KF94 can protect your respiratory system from pollutants and infectious substances, preventing virus transmission.

With three-dimensional design, and soft cotton mesh, KF94 gives you excellent breathability and extra comfort. And it does not get too hot inside the mask and prevent glasses fogging. 

Besides, our KF94 mask is individually packed for easy carrying, and made in Korea. We promise the medical-grade anti-virus mask with 4-layer filters is authentic, safe and professional.

We will continue to efficiently produce high-quality masks for the market demand, and for your health.

Avoid a tragedy and act now to protect your loved ones !