[BEST SELLER on Amazon] Rapthor premium CR123A Rechargeable Li-ion Battery With Charger for Arlo Security Cameras (750mAh 3.7V 8pack)

[BEST SELLER on Amazon] Rapthor premium CR123A Rechargeable Li-ion Battery With Charger for Arlo Security Cameras (750mAh 3.7V 8pack)

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The Rapthor CR123A Rechargeable Li-ion Battery has always been the BEST SELLER on Amazon. When it was on sale on Amazon, the product kept FIVE STARS with thousands of consumer ratings. It got the LOWEST return rate, and it is viewed by consumers as the MOST cost-effective battery. 

Fully charged up to 550 times = 275 pieces 1500mAh disposable batteries

Say goodbye to your expensive disposable CR123A batteries!

【PEAK PERFORMANCE】Rapthor Rechargeable CR123A Lithium-ion Batteries are specifically designed for Arlo Security Camera (VMC3030/VMK3200/VMS3230/3330/3430/3530). Optimization techniques for energy utilization are applied to boost the performance, makes Rapthor CR123A batteries last 25% longer than other CR123A batteries. Strengthened loops greatly prevent the battery from quick self-discharging.


【RECHARGE 550 TIMES】 Rapthor 750mAh rechargeable CR123A batteries can be fully charged up to 550 times, equals to 275 pieces 1500mAh disposable batteries. Compared with non-rechargeable batteries, it is a valuable investment that saves money in the long run. Try this environment-friendly Lithium-ion battery in your Arlo security camera now.


【FULL PROTECTION】Built-in protection circuit actively ensures battery safe performance during charging and discharging. Security continuously helps to detect short-circuit, over-charge, over-current, over-voltage, and reverse direction. Rapthor Arlo rechargeable batteries bring you the highest security guarantee.


【LONG-STANDING POWER】 Long-standing sustainable 3.7V CR123A batteries are accompanied by your Arlo camera all the time. Superior performance supports using extreme temperatures from -4 degrees to 45 degrees. 1-month long-lasting power protects you Arlo camera or other devices from unexpected interruption.

【100% SATISFYING GUARANTEE】 If you are not satisfied with this Rapthor Arlo Rechargeable Battery, let us know.


CR123A disposable batteries or CR123A rechargeable batteries?

Only choose rechargeable CR123A Li-ion batteries. 1 Rapthor 900mAh CR123A rechargeable batteries support recharge over 550 times, which equals to 330 packs 1500mAh disposable batteries in the long run. Try Rapthor rechargeable battery and you will have no regrets.

Do you get tired of replacing rechargeable batteries frequently?

Rapthor CR123A 900mAh batteries support daily using on Arlo camera for over 30 days, greatly prolong the using time. Super high-capacity batteries are designed to offer you great convenience.

What made Rapthor batteries more reliable than other brands?

Rapthor adopts advanced optimization techniques which ensures every Rapthor batteries take full use of the inside energy so that it lasts 25% longer than other similar batteries in the market.

What kind of guarantee does Rapthor offer?

1 Year Warranty

30 Day Free Replacement/Full Refund

No matter what kind of problem you meet, feel free to contact us for quick and satisfying solutions at any time.


Please only use Rapthor Charger to charge Rapthor CR123A Rechargeable Batteries.

Do not use this Rapthor Charger to charge batteries from any other brand. It may cause fire or explosion.

Avoid charging non-rechargeable CR123A batteries. It may cause fire or explosion.


  1. For the protection of Li-ion battery life, a new battery comes with 40%-60% power.
  2. Please fully charge all Rapthor batteries before 1st use.